Everyone has a story to tell.

Melissa takes you on a journey using her own personal growth and insight from other authors and professionals to understand your triggers and trauma, healing and understanding your inner child and discovering who you are.

A great read with easy to follow chapters that will assist and support you to further understand you!


The chapter about trauma really helped me evaluate the difference between trauma and lessons learnt. It gave me insight into my own personal experience.


Being You Through The Noise captures the story of discovering who you are within the silence of yourself and how all that you have experienced may have played a role in you becoming a version of you that isn't serving to your own potential. Melissa shares with humour, personal stories, and a passion for sharing what she has learnt in her own journey. This is a great introduction to the infulence your childhood can have on you as an adult, mindset, and finding yourself through the distractions and programming of life.